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What's new in EmberJS #19 20 Nov 2012

###Weekly Wrapup #19

Breaking Changes

  • ed38ab removes the deprecated defaulting of a view’s context to itself, this may break some code samples around the place, but should not affect full applications.


  • As of PR 1393, _super() can now be called inside of computed properties.

  • PR 1504 adds an example of how to render a CollectionView with different childViews.

  • PR 1528 adds an afterRender queue for view rendering. A common use of this is to perform an action after all of a CollectionView’s children have been rendered.

  • PR 476 provides some initial error handling to ember-data. A 422 puts the record into an invalid state and sets an errors object onto the model. Any other server failure puts the object into an error state.

  • PR 422 reinstates the RESTAdapter’s default transforms.

  • A conscious effort is being made to be format agnostic and not hardcode any method names/fields to JSON in ember-data, see here. This shouldn’t cause too many issues unless you are using a highly customized adapter.


If I missed anything please let me know in the comments, twitter or IRC at #emberjs.

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