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What's new in EmberJS #11 24 Jul 2012

Some pretty big breaking changes again this week, part of being on the edge though, right.

###Weekly Wrapup #11

Breaking Changes

  • In the biggest change of the week, getPath/setPath have been removed in favour of supporting full paths in get and set.

  • As of 83b7a6 the action helper now requires an explicit context to be set. The api has also changed, the context is now simply passed as an optional second parameter. {{action edit context=”post”}} becomes {{action edit post}}. If you were relying on default contexts you will need to use {{action edit this}}


  • PR 1044 added canInvoke and tryInvoke methods to check and perform methods only if the target responds to them.

  • PR 732 adds the ability to provide a falsy option to Ember.View bindings. e.g. classNameBindings: ['isEnabled:enabled:disabled']

  • 396c08 adds the new connectControllers method to make other controllers available on the controller currently being used. overviewController.connectControllers('person', 'post'); will let you do controller.get('postController') on the overviewController.

If anyone has worked out how to use jekyll syntax highlighting with handlebars brackets, please get in touch.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments, twitter or IRC at #emberjs.

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