Bradley Priest

What's new in EmberJS May 21 21 May 2012

EmberJS 0.9.8 just released with a shiny new website. Check it out

###Weekly Wrapup #3

  • EmberJS 0.9.8 just released, check out the changelog.

  • Most importantly routing is now built right in to core, check out a couple of blog posts about it here, here and here. Beware it’s not 100% finished, but its pretty close.

  • Bindings being cacheable by default and views reserving context are now on by default. If you’re not ready to change yet, set ENV.CP_DEFAULT_CACHEABLE = false or ENV.VIEW_PRESERVES_CONTEXT = false to change them back, but beware the option is being removed with the 1.1 release.

  • The handlebars action helper now takes a context argument to pass instead of the jQuery event.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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