Bradley Priest

What's new in EmberJS June 5 05 Jun 2012

Again mostly routing stuff this week, although it’s great to see a lot of work being done on documentation.

###Weekly Wrapup #5

  • 82d35eThe ember-rails gem now generates the relevant ember resources when rails g resource is run

  • Removed deprecated use of wildcards * and leading periods in paths.

  • As of ee46ed, views now inherit controllers from their parents.

  • In one of the more controversial changes to Ember as of late, 7ae011 removes binding transforms. Check out the comments for the recommended replacement.

  • As of 7ff23e routes should be handled better when using the back/forward buttons in the browser.

  • A heroku app is now generating and uploading a new version of ember-latest after every push. You can now always get the latest version here.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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