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What's new in EmberJS June 18 18 Jun 2012

A couple of breaking changes this week, if you’ve been following master, there’s a couple of quick tweaks that need to be made.

###Weekly Wrapup #7

Breaking Changes

  • d8383b creates an Ember.Route subclass of Ember.State, if you’re using the new router, make sure you change over as there are currently no warnings.

  • be6939 changes the arguments expected by connectOutlet. Check out the commit comment for details, but the basic change is that connectOutlet now takes a single string to define the View and Controller, removing the magic. If you need to customize further it can also take a hash of name, outletName, viewClass, controller and context.

  • The {{action}} helper got some big changes. It now calls stopPropagation and preventDefault automatically.


  • 2d26a36 adds naïve route sorting. This fixes a situation where a :post_id would always take precedence over a new segment. Now it sorts based on substrings, segment length and dynamicism.

  • Ember.Evented now has one method to add a one-time eventListener.

  • Ember.Evented uses trigger instead of fire to keep in line with jQuery.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

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