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What's new in EmberJS #16 15 Oct 2012

Sorry guys and gals, it’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted, been busy beta launching my new startup TradeGecko, now back to the scheduled programming.

Lot’s of big changes merged in the last few days, most newsworthy is the relationships-improvements branch of ember-data has been merged.

###Weekly Wrapup #16

Relationship Improvements

  • The relationships-improvements branch of ember-data has been merged, this brings quite a few breakages along, particularly if you are modifying the defaults in any way.

  • There’s a lot to see here, so I suggest you take a look at the new documentation. I’ll try and put together a migrating to ember-data V5 blog post in the next couple of weeks once I finish migrating my apps.

  • If you have any outstanding issues PR’s against ember-data please take the time to check they’re still relevant and update them against the latest changes.


  • PR #1406 gives us an Ember.Deferred mixin which (almost, still WIP) implements the Promises/A spec.

  • PR #1354 adds support for passing multiple contexts to events.

  • 305202 removes the dependency on the browser window, this should make it easier for people using Ember with technologies like CommonJS and AMD. Check out the commit for details.

  • PR #1198 adds presentCurrentView, dismissCurrentView, appendCurrentView and removeCurrentView to Ember.ContainerView (and consequently outlets) for handling animations and so forth.

  • PR #1425 fixes an error with popstate on Chrome

  • 945cd4 no longer throws an error for Ember Apps without a router

  • 134fc6 Ember now includes a basic instrumentation API.

  • PR #1449 allows toggling extending prototypes by object type.

  • PR #410 on ember-data changes the semantics of findAll() and adds an all() method which pretty much implements the old way.


If I missed anything please let me know in the comments, twitter or IRC at #emberjs.

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