Bradley Priest

What's new in EmberJS #18 30 Oct 2012

Ember 1.0.0-pre.2 has been released, now with a semver compatible release number ;)

###Weekly Wrapup #18

Breaking Changes

  • Ember-Data revision 7 is out, which changes how relationship changes are acknowledged check out BREAKING_CHANGES for details.

  • A (currently) private mixin, DS.Mappable, has been introduced to implement per-type adapters, see the commit and the documentation



  • Explicitly missing from this post is mention of the new router API being thrown around, I don’t mean to bring personal preferences in, but I believe this is heading in the wrong direction. Currently getting started with the Ember.Router can be a bit of a hassle but I personally believe learning the philosophy behind the router/state-manager is the most important step in understanding Ember. Luckily it looks like the old API won’t be going anywhere.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments, twitter or IRC at #emberjs.

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