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What's new in EmberJS May 7 07 May 2012

I am a huge Ember supporter. I have only been using the framework for 4 weeks now, but I am a complete convert. Hell, I’m building my new startup in it.

I don’t have any cool libraries to share for it just yet, but in the meantime this is the least I can do.

###Weekly Wrapup #1

  • #00b894 updates ContainerView to optionally take a currentView object, which sets a single view inside the continer, great for statemanagers. (I currently use ember-layout, this commit may make that obsolete?)

  • #f96818 Make it easy to inject controllers. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t actually understand what’s happening here, but it looks like they’re working on some big updates.

  • each foo in bar and with foo as bar handlebars helpers were added.

  • A whole lot of refactoring has been done to mutable array and enumerable to help speed things up.

  • PR #229 added the ability to rollback transactions to ember-data, both automatically and manually via person.get('transaction').rollback().

  • PR #230 makes it easier to create child records e.g. blog.get('posts').createRecord().

  • PR #236 fixes lifecycle events and makes didCreate and didUpdate fire correctly.

If I missed anything big please let me know in the comments or on twitter.

P.S. Thanks to Mike Gunderloy for the idea.

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