Bradley Priest

What's new in EmberJS #15 24 Sep 2012

There’s a new documentation site up at All of the documentation has been converted to YUIDoc for this move, so if you notice anything strange please send in a fix.

###Weekly Wrapup #15

Breaking Changes

  • bb149d Removes support for inline anonymous templates

  • 1c7cf46 Adds the autoinit flag to Application, no need to call App.initialize anymore unless you are doing something obscure.


  • Handlebars 1.0-rc.1 has now been released.

  • PR 1310 The {{each}} helper now supports an itemViewClass for blockless use.

  • PR 1340 Injections can be specified the order to run before/after others.

  • PR 1317 The application initialization process has been refactored.

If I missed anything please let me know in the comments, twitter or IRC at #emberjs.

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